Welcome to Facebook

In a few years, Facebook has grown to one of the biggest social media platforms. Everything has changed about the company, but not the mission. Facebook’s mission still is ‘Welcome to Facebook’. This mission says it all, everyone is allowed and welcome to create a Facebook account and use the platform all day. Facebook uses its mission at almost every page on the website, the company clearly wants to let their users know that they are welcome to the platform. For these enormous platforms, people might be scared to sign up for a new account. With such a warm mission, Facebook wants to create a relationship with their users in a unique way.

Welcome to Facebook

Is Facebook ever going to change its slogan?

We don’t think that Facebook is ever going to change its slogan. The reason for that is that ‘Welcome to Facebook’ is really timeless, the company can still use the slogan in 2025 without any problems. Of course, Facebook is a company that changes a lot. It’s not unthinkable that Facebook chooses to change their slogan to a more modern one in the nearby future.

Is the slogan the same in all languages?

No, the Facebook slogan is not the same in all languages. Facebook translates its slogan to a different one for each specific language they are active in. For the Dutch language, they translated the ‘Welcome to Facebook’ to ‘Welkom op Facebook’. Of course Facebook want to reach everyone, so it will always translate their texts.

What is the slogan of Twitter?

Compared to Facebook, Twitter’s slogan is really different. Twitter chose to use the slogan ‘Connect with your friends – and other fascinating people’, which refers more to the connecting part instead of trying to let people sign up for an account. It’s really funny how two social media platforms can have such a different slogan for their company.