Login Facebook

Today, any where and every where we go, there is so much said about the internet and the social media. Popular names and applications associated with the social media platform are Facebook, Twitter and now even Instagram.

What is Facebook?

Today, almost more than millions of users are using Facebook on a daily basis and the number is just growing as the days go by. Just about every one wants to show case their work and activities being carried on in their lives, through the medium of Facebook.  After all, Facebook allows the user to share their latest happenings in terms of photos, videos, and upload their posts. For this you need to have your Facebook account in place and you need to login Facebook.

How to sign up to Facebook

You can create your Facebook account quite hassle free. You need to go to www.facebook.com for that. You can create a new Facebook account from there. On clicking the ‘Create New Account’ button, you will be directed to the sign up page. You will have to fill in the specific fields as are required by Facebook. The fields are like First name, Surname, Gender and others. Once you have filled in the specific field, you can click the ‘Sign Up’ button. And voila! You will have your Facebook account ready. Remember that you keep a strong password so that it is difficult to hack your account!

Facebook sign up

How to login to Facebook

Once you have your Facebook id and password, you can go forward to login Facebook. For this, you have to visit www.facebook.com. Then you can enter the Facebook username and password and click the Sign in ( Facebook iniciar sesion in Spanish) button. You will be logged in. In fact, you can also save the password for the website. This way, you will not have to enter the password and username every time you visit Facebook.       

Facebook login