Facebook sign in

Despite the fact that it’s quite easy to sign in to a Facebook account, we see that many Facebook users still have problems with this. You need to sign in to your Facebook account in order to enter your account, so you really need to know how to do this. Don’t you like signing in to your Facebook account over and over again? Most browsers offer you the opportunity to remember your password. In this way, your browser will automatically login to your Facebook account when you visit the website. Also when you use the Mobile application of Facebook, you’ll only have to sign in once to your account. The mobile application always remembers your password until you logout to your account.

How to Facebook sign in?

In order to learn you how to Facebook sign in, we’ve developed a great manual for you. If you follow this manual, you won’t find any problems during the Facebook sign in process. We really recommend you to use our manual in order to sign in to your Facebook account, in this way you won’t waste any time finding your login problems.

1. First, visit the website of Facebook which is located at the URL http://www.facebook.com
2. If you’ve already signed up for a FB account, you will be able to login to your FB account now. In the right above corner, you will find two fields. One says ‘e-mail or phone number’ and the other says password.
3. In the first field, which says ‘e-mail or phone number’, enter your e-mail address (which you used at the sign up process) or use your mobile phone which Facebook knows (you should have entered that before, when you would like to use this feature).
4. In the second field, please enter your password. Have you forgotten your password? Click ‘Forgotten password’ beneath the field.
5. You will now be able to FB login, click on the ‘sign in’ button. You will automatically be forwarded to your Facebook timeline. Congratulations, you can now use your FB account without any problems!

Facebook login

How to logout to Facebook?

Facebook logout
We understand that you don’t want to be logged in to your Facebook account all the time. There also an option to logout to your Facebook account right away. Please remember that you will need to enter your login information again when you want to sign in to Facebook the next time. In order to logout to Facebook, click to the button in the right-above corner, next to ‘report’ and ‘chat’. You’ll find an option ‘sign out to Facebook’ in that little menu.

Can I only Facebook sign in on the Facebook.com website?

Most users find it strange that you can also login at other websites, which aren’t from Facebook. Facebook offers webmasters a tool that makes it possible for users to login with their Facebook account instead of creating a new account at the specific website. We are glad to tell you that it is really safe to use these widgets, but please watch the websites where you are logging in to. There are always fake websites that just want your password. Don’t you trust a website? Please just don’t sign in to your Facebook account on that website!

I've forgotten my Facebook password!

Don’t worry, you are not that first that have forgotten their Facebook password. We are glad to tell you that Facebook has a really great service to recover your password. Please click beneath the login screen of Facebook on ‘forgotten my password’. Facebook will redirect you to the page that says how to recover your password in just a few minutes. After you’ve follow the page, you will have access to your account again in just a few minutes. Does the password recover toll don’t work for you? Please contact the Facebook service department in order to manually recover your Facebook password. After that, you should be able to Facebook sign in again.

Facebook forgot password