Facebook login page

Are you looking for a way to login to your Facebook account? You might be looking for the Facebook login page, which makes it possible to access your Facebook account. In order to reach the Facebook login page, please visit the Facebook website (located at Facebook.com). In the right –above corner, you will find 2 fields. You’ll need those two fields in order to login to your Facebook account.

You can also login to your Facebook account at other websites. Facebook offers webmasters an API that makes it possible to login with their Facebook accounts instead of creating a new account.

How to login to Facebook at the Facebook login page

1. First, visit the website of Facebook which is located at the URL http://www.facebook.com
2. If you’ve already signed up for a FB account, you will be able to login to your FB account now. In the right above corner, you will find two fields. One says ‘e-mail or phone number’ and the other says password.
3. In the first field, which says ‘e-mail or phone number’, enter your e-mail address (which you used at the sign up process) or use your mobile phone which Facebook knows (you should have entered that before, when you would like to use this feature).
4. In the second field, please enter your password. Have you forgotten your password? Click ‘Forgotten password’ beneath the field.
5. You will now be able to FB login, click on the ‘sign in’ button. You will automatically be forwarded to your Facebook timeline. Congratulations, you can now use your FB account without any problems!

Can I also find the Facebook login pages in other languages?

Yes, the language of the Facebook login page depends on the language your browser is in. If your browser is in Swedish, Facebook will automatically redirect you to the Facebook login page in your language. You can also use the domain extension of Facebook in your language in order to be redirected to the right Facebook link page and Facebook search right away, for the Swedish Facebook this is Facebook.se.