Facebook login homepage

Facebook has grown rather quickly and in a very few years since its inception, it has already gathered over 100 million followers per month. There are millions of photos that are shared every day thought this social networking site.

Facebook offers various functions to its users. The users can post pictures, videos and even comment on each others posts. For this to function, an individual’s Facebook account has to have friends. The friends will automatically be updated about the activities of the friends who are added to their Facebook profile.

The Facebook login homepage is automatically generated related to what the Facebook users are interested in. The Facebook login homepage does not show topics that are affiliated with or even endorsed by any person on a particular topic.

How to use the Facebook login homepage

Again for accessing the Facebook login homepage, you first need to have an account with Facebook. You can create your Facebook account by visiting the URL, www.facebook.com. You can create a new account from there. On clicking the ‘Create New Account’ button, you will be directed to the sign up page. You will have to fill in the specific fields as are required by Facebook. The fields are like First name, Surname, Gender and others. Once you have filled in the specific field, you can click the ‘Sign Up’ button. And voila! You will have your Facebook account ready.

Login to Facebook

Once you have your Facebook id and password, you can go forward to login Facebook. When you type www.facebook.com on the URL, the webpage you are directed to is the Facebook login homepage. You can enter your Facebook username and password and click the Sign in button. You will be logged in from the Facebook login homepage to the main site page. From there, you can do what you like with your Facebook account.